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Win2k Pro will not shut down and ignores Ctrl-Alt-Del

I've recently been running into a situation where my Windows 2000 Professional (SP2 + fixes) will not shut down. It also ignores the ctrl-alt-delete sequence.

If I attempt to shutdown or logout from the Start Menu, the screen will gray, as if it is going to perform the operation, but nothing further will happen. A mouse click or keypress will bring the system back. It also does not shut down any processes or prohibit me from starting new processes.

I've killed and restarted Explorer.exe from the Task Manager, and also killed every other process I could. I am logged in as a user with administrative rights, and there are no active shares being used on the machine at the time. What can I look at to narrow this down and/or fix it?

Your registry has become corrupted. You should attempt a repair (boot like you are installing and select R to repair instead of Enter to install). If that fails, perform an upgrade install.

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