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Win2k SP3 won't let me connect to a file share with UNC

On Win2k SP3, I connected to a file share using UNC and discovered my credentials weren't sufficient, so I went to map the drive using "connect as." Windows said the resource was already in use and wouldn't let me connect. Is there a cache or registry entry I can clear to avoid a reboot just to connect?
In older versions of Windows NT that used LAN Manager, a network session launched using a UNC connection would be stay active for 10 minutes after their last use. While LAN Manager isn't used anymore, a similar behavior is still part of Windows 2000 Server in the form of the RFCB caching in order to optimize the response to multiple open/close operations. There is a registry edit available, but the change must be made on the server, which would affect all users and may not be appropriate for your situation.

I also imagine that if your network credentials aren't sufficient to connect using UNC, using alternate methods to connect won't be much help either.

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