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Win2k VPN NIC has to be disabled/re-enabled to make it work

When starting my Win2k VPN server, the second NIC has to be disabled and then enabled before it will work. The first NIC is outside and second NIC is an internal address. The system is a Compaq Deskpro en with Compaq nc3121 fast ethernet card.

I assume both NICs are internal expansion cards. You probably have them plugged into the motherboard using bus ports that share IRQs. Check your motherboard manual and/or try moving one of the cards to another empty slot. You might also be able to force IRQ settings via the CMOS or through the NIC's configuration utilities. You can check the Device Manager to see if both NICs are attempting to use the same IRQ.

You could also have a driver problem. Be sure to upgrade to the latest drivers from the NIC vendor.

Also, while in the Device Manager, make sure the second NIC is not set as disabled for the current hardware profile.

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