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Windows 2000 Group Policy not migrating to Windows 2003

Expert Derek Melber helps work out Group Policy issues when migrating from a Windows 2000 server to 2003.

We have recently upgraded to Windows 2003. The migration went smoothly, however my Group Policy from Windows 2000 is not migrating. Any ideas? They are there, but the clients are not seeing them.

When you do a migration, was it an in-place upgrade or a side-by-side migration? If the former, the GPOs will just be there on all of the DCs still. If the latter, you will need to use a tool like the GPMC to migrate them from one domain to the other. You will need to run the GPMC on a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 box in your old domain, since it requires these OSs. There is a built-in backup and restore option, which will allow you to move the GPOs around. You will most likely also need to use the Migration Tables in the GPMC to convert between SIDs and other references between the two domains.

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