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Windows 2000 Pro SP4 won't boot properly after I overclocked my CPU

My brother was trying to overclock my CPU with Fuzzy Logic from MSI, and now Windows 2000 Pro SP4 won't boot properly. The drive boots up until the graphic Win2k screen and then there's a blue screen error then it reboots. I couldn't read the error in full, but I caught a glimpse which said "...corrupt or missing..." How can I fix it? Is there anyway I can find out what file the error was referring to?
Overclocking is always a risky business. The odds of damaging the processor or other components, such as the memory, are very high if you don't know exactly what you're doing. It may be possible to take the hard drive out of the system, boot it on another computer, and determine the error message there -- although the "Corrupt or missing" file problem is not always a sign of a corrupt or missing file. It's sometimes also a memory parity error, which leads me to think it may be possible that the overclock settings may have damaged the system's memory.

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