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Windows 2000 Server has stopped functioning as normal

There is a Windows 2000 server with the directory services (Active Directory). Suddenly it has stopped functioning they way it used to do since last few days. The server boots up, pops up the login credential window, but if you enter the administrator's ID and pwd it tries to load the profile and then freezes. For any other users the access is denied (locally as well as over the network). You can ping the server over the network but while you try to access the administrative shares it denies. It does start up in safe mode and directory service safe mode but then nothing much you can do. I tried to repair from the repair diskettes but didn't work either. I tried with the recovery console, but the status remains the same. There are some important and useful applications running on that server and that's the reason I don't want to go for another installation of W2k on the same server.

How can I restore this server without reinstalling the server software? Can anyone help me on this?
It sounds like your security log is full and is shutting down the system. Try booting into Safe Mode, logging on as Administrator and flushing the Security Log through the Event Viewer. If that is not the reason, your only choice is to rebuild. You might be able to get away with an in-place upgrade install and re-apply service packs, but I doubt it.

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