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Windows 2003 Standard Server and slow connection

I am running Windows 2003 Standard Server on a dual P3 with 1 GB RAM, a separate OS drive and data drive (ATA100) on a 100 MB connection to our network.

When I map a drive on my workstation to the share on the server, it often takes about 30-40 seconds to connect and read the directory. Subsequent reads are extremely quick. After an hour or so of non-activity on the shared folder, it takes another 30-40 seconds to re-read the directory and files. This did not happen when we used the same box to run Win2000 Advanced Server. Any thoughts as to why we have the slow connection?

It sounds like a Windows browser issue. Check the Registry settings as to whether any system can be the browse master in your network. Configure the systems to only use the Windows Server 2003 system as the browse master.

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