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Windows 2003 server denies Windows 98 clients access to shared folders

An administrator wants his Windows 98 clients to be able to access the shared folders of a server that allows Windows XP clients to access these folders.

We have upgraded our server from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003. (Some clients are on Windows XP, some on Windows 98 SE). Windows XP clients don't face the problem faced by Windows 98 SE clients.

We currently have four servers, all are authenticated through ADC (Active Domain Controller). All the servers have shared folders. Three servers have no problems for any clients and they can be accessed through Windows 98 or Windows XP client. However, one server allows only Windows XP clients to access its shared folders, and the clients of 98 can't access the shared folder on this server. Can you help?

Windows Server 2003 turns on several security options that are not supported by Windows 98 clients by default. You should install the Active Directory Client Extensions for Windows 95/98 to allow your 98 clients to more fully participate in 2003 AD. The client extensions can be downloaded from this location: https://www.petri.com/dsclient_for_win98_nt.

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