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Windows 98 defragmentation tool keeps failing -- says contents have changed

On Windows 98, I have tried to defrag and failed. When I defrag, I have no programs running other than defrag. The defrag program keeps restarting, saying that the contents have changed. Sometimes, just before it restarts, the screen goes black and then goes back to the defrag screen. As a result, my computer hasn't been defragged in over 600 days. Can you help?
Usually, if some other applications change files, the Win98 defragger restarts to adjust its settings to the new files. If there are really no other applications running that change file content, maybe there is some problem with insufficient free space for defragmenting or some clusters are corrupted. Run ScanDisk to verify that the disk is in good shape. If the problem still occurs, please get back to me, so we can dig deeper into your problem.

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