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Windows 98 users getting "no domain name server available to validate" error message

I recently retired an NT4 server and installed a new Windows 2000 server. The domain name is the same. Intermittently, when Windows 98 users try to log in, they get "no domain name server available to validate." If they reboot, they can log in fine. There are 40 PCs on the network -- some have never got the error, some get it often but not every time. I also have three XP client machines that have never received the error. Microsoft checked my settings in the domain controller; all were correct. Currently they are stumped. Any ideas what could be wrong?
Well, let me run through my list of things that have caused this problem:

  1. Network cards are set to "autodetect." Manually set them to be whatever the switch or hub is. Usually, you will see other problems besides the authentication issue -- like slow transmissions, e-mail synchronization problems, etc.

  2. TCP/IP and IPX are both installed on the machine. This generally appears to be related to the binding order and the priority of the protocols. Usually, uninstalling the IPX protocol or unbinding the Microsoft Client from the IPX protocol resolves the problem.

  3. Win9x machines use WINS to resolve the names and service names to IP addresses. Check to see that the Win2k DCs are using the same WINS as the Win9x clients. Also, check the health of the WINS database. Note that finding the server name in the WINS database is not enough, there should be <1c> and <1b> records in the WINS database for the AD services.

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