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Windows Installer not functioning properly

I was having problems with my Windows Installer not functioning correctly. So after trying a couple of Microsoft's suggested fixes with unsatisfactory results, I opted to do a repair with the Win2k install CD.

Originally I did a fast repair and noted that there were issues copying NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM and other root files. Since the only option was to ignore or quit the installation, I continued, figuring that these files were safe and not needing to be updated anyway.

After the repair was complete, during reboot, it told me that NTLDR could not be found. I entered the Recovery Console expecting to simply copy the files from my CD to C:, but I continually received the "ACCESS DENIED" error.

Something is locking up my drive at the basest level. At the command prompt in RC, I can't even get read access to certain directories, let alone write access. I'm completely stumped, and can't seem to find a way around this lockout. I really do not want to reformat, so if you could please recommend a solution, I'll be extremely surprised and pleased.

P.S. The drives are striped RAID 0.
See Damaged MBRs and Boot Sectors.

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