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Windows ME defrag isn't working

Windows ME defrag isn't working. When I turn it on the meter tries to move but is still trying four or five hours later. It used to work fine. I have a 40g hard drive with 640 Ram, 128 just installed.
This is a common problem with Windows's built-in defragmenter, especially in Windows 9x and Me. Because it's sensitive to any changes in the system state, it often winds up getting stuck in an infinite loop. One way to get around this is to have Defrag run at the next reboot before the user interface finishes loading.

To do this, copy the following into a text file and save it with the filename DEFRAG.REG (make sure you have file extension display turned on in Explorer to do this correctly). Double-click on it to enter it into the Registry, then reboot. The next time your system loads, it should run a full defrag pass without stopping.




"Title"="Noninteractive Defrag"



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