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Windows XP Pro file transfer error

I have not been able to find any meaningful solution to my Windows XP Pro question on Microsoft's site. I have three computers: a Windows 2000 computer with a 3Com Etherlink NIC, a Windows 98 computer with a 3Com Etherlink NIC and a Windows XP Pro computer with a SMS 1211 NIC. The network consists of a small four-port Netgear Ethernet 100MB hub. All NICs are set to 100 half duplex and use 100 baseT cat5 cables.

If I try to transfer a file over a few gigs from the Windows XP Pro SP1 machine to either the Windows 2000 SP2 computer or the Windows 98 computer, I get the following message: "The specified network name is no longer available." This happens with NTBackup and Windows Explorer. Microsoft references suggest a network problem, but I don't believe this is so, because if I pull the eight-gig file from the XP box using Windows 2000 or Windows 98, the file is copied properly. Aside from the Microsoft client and file and print sharing, the only real protocol is TCP/IP. I am using through 10 as my internal trusted IP addresses and the default gateway as

I even tried it using the IP address and got the same result. It seems like it runs for about 20 minutes before it acts up. Any idea what might be causing Windows XP to lose the share name? This problem is not localized to me. After searching for answers on Google, I found numerous others getting the same error message but didn't see any resolution. Can you help?

I'm afraid I've not encountered this problem and I wasn't able to find anything useful in my perusal of the Microsoft Knowledge Base either. I'd make sure that Simple File Sharing is disabled on the XP system. You may also want to double check that the XP system has sufficient drive space (if the file is eight GB, make sure you have 16 GB of free space) since it may be using a temporary file for the transfer process.

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