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Windows XP restarts itself partly through the loading process

I am currently having problems accessing my PC, running XP Pro. When I power it up it automatically gives me an option to run in 'Safe Mode', 'Safe Mode with Network...', 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt', 'Last Known Good Configuration' and 'Normal' (or something similar). If I choose any of those options it starts to load Windows, gets to the screen where it shows the Windows XP Pro logo with the loading bar, then starts to restart by itself. After restarting it shows the same options, I can't even load Windows using Safe Mode, or the Last Known Good Configuration.

I have not made any changes to the hardware recently for this to cause a problem, but have installed TMpegEnc, and am not sure if this is causing the problem as I am not able to go into safe mode and uninstall this application. I am also running a up-to date Antivirus software so I don't think it is a virus causing this, but I may be wrong.
If Windows XP encounters a "blue screen" condition during startup, it reboots automatically instead of displaying the information. If you can't get to your PC to boot in Safe Mode, you made need to try a repair installation. Just boot from the Windows XP boot disks, or insert the CD-ROM and choose the repair option from the installation screen.

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