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With roaming profiles, does last logoff take precedent?

What happens if I have users with roaming profiles (Win2k PCs in an NT4 server environment) that log on to more than one machine at a time?

User1 logs on to PC1 (pulls profile down from server). User1 then also logs on to PC2 (pulls profile down from server again -- same exact profile as when User1 logged onto PC1, correct?). User1 makes changes to both PCs' profiles (desktop color, printers, shortcuts on desktop). Does the roaming profile get saved at each logoff? If so, the last logoff will be the current profile on the server and will be pulled down the next time the user logs off. Is this correct or not? Thanks.

The roaming profile gets saved at each logoff. Therefore the last logoff takes precedent. There is no restriction in Windows 2000 or Windows NT to prevent a user from logging onto multiple systems simultaneously with the same user account. The only way to prevent this with native features is to restrict each user account to a single specific workstation.

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