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Without using routers, how can PCs in one office's workgroup browse another office's domain?

Hi, Laura. I want to connect a group of computers located in an office (Office1) to another remote office (Office2) using an ISDN connection.

The computers in Office1 are in a workgroup, and the computers in Office2 are in a domain; the DC is a Win2k server that is connected to the ISDN line and there are no routers in any of the offices. How can I configure the connection between the two offices so that the computers in Office1 can join and browse the domain on Office2 without using routers? Or should I install a Win2k server on Office1 and configure both servers to act as routers?
Depending on your specific configuration, I think your best bet would be to configure the server in Office2 as a VPN server (since Win2k supports VPN natively), then create VPN connections on the machines in Office1. This will allow for secure file sharing across the ISDN connection, while still allowing the machines in Office1 to browse amongst their own workgroup.

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