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Wizard won't permit additional Win2k DC

I have a client that has an NT server that is a PDC with the domain name "accounts." Also, the client has a Windows 2000 Server with Active Directory installed with domain name "mycompany.com."

Now the client wants to upgrade the NT PDC (domain name: accounts) to Windows 2000 domain controller and add it to the domain name "mycompany.com." But after upgrading the NT PDC, he is unable to join the "mycompany.com" as an additional domain controller. The wizard won't allow it to add as an additional domain controller. The client wants the domain name to be "accounts.mycompany.com." Can you assist me? How can this be made possible?

The NT PDC that was upgraded created a new domain and new Active Directory. If you want to migrate the users, objects, etc., from the upgraded accounts, you can use the ADMT.exe (Active Directory Migration Tool) available for free from Microsoft. You would need to establish a trust between the upgraded domain and the mycompany.com domain. Then use to tool to move everything. Finally, use DCPROMO to extinguish the upgraded domain, and then use DCPROMO again to add the server to the mycompany.com domain as a DC. Of course, there is more planning and work involved depending on how many servers and users you have in the upgraded NT 4.0 domain.

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