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Would there be any problems if a child domain couldn't communicate with a parent/root for a while?

I've searched for answers for this problem to no avail, so I'll throw it to you. We established a root domain as a place-holder when we set up Active Directory. We then added a child domain that we actually use. The only FSMO roles in the Root affecting the child are the Forest roles, Schema/Domain naming. We currently have four Root servers and due to cutbacks want to drop to two. Are there any problems if a child domain can't communicate with a parent/root for a time span? Would a down link occur? I don't see any other answer than editing the Schema and adding Domains during the outage.
If you're removing domain controllers, then you'll need to take into account which ones handle the FSMO roles and transfer the role if the downed server will not be brought back online. If the server will be brought back online, then there is no need to transfer the role, and in some cases, you cannot bring a server back online if the role is transferred.

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