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Would you recommend using XP or Win2k Pro in a NetWare network?

I am very happy with Windows 2000 Professional but need to buy some new laptops and desktops for my office this coming year. Many manufacturers are no longer packaging Windows 2000 Pro with their products but are offering Windows XP or XP Professional. Some reports I am hearing are not favorable to XP. For example, I've heard that it is more prone to crashing and difficult if not impossible to repair, causing many people have to reinstall their OS. Which OS would you go for in an office environment running NetWare as a network OS?
Wow! I'd like to see those reports that say Windows XP is less stable than Windows 2000 and more difficult to repair as well. I'm not going to tell you that Windows XP doesn't crash occasionally -- it does. Although I have no empirical evidence, my impression after using Windows XP for the last few years is that it's definitely more stable than Windows 2000. As far as the ability to repair Windows XP, it's much more repairable than Windows 2000. One feature in particular has saved my world a number of times: System Restore. So, if I were to make a recommendation to a customer that was going to spend the money one way or the other, I'd say move on to Windows XP.

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