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Wrong time reflecting on Outlook email message headers - time on system is correct

We are using Exchange 5.5 on NT 4.0 SP5. Clients use Outlook 2000 as mail clients. Lately, they're complaining that the message header is not reflecting the correct time the mail was sent. It is showing an earlier time. The time on the system is correct. How do I work around this?

I've seen this behavior before and it can be difficult to troubleshoot. It could be an incompatible date/time format on your e-mail server.

One of the fields typically displayed in the header of a message is a date and time stamp. E-mail servers stamp the date and the time when each message is processed. The date and the time information is stored in a read-only field called "PR_Delivery_Time." This field may contain incorrect information if the e-mail server is not set to the correct date and time, or if the format of the date and time on the server is in a non-standard format.

You said that the time on the system is correct, but you didn't say what time or what system. If the date and time are correct on the mail server, but the message displays bad date and time information, then the date/time format on the server may be incompatible with Outlook.

Have a look at Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q197717 for more details on and potential resolutions for this issue.

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