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XP cannot find FoxPro's APPL.EXE file

I upgraded a small networked system that consisted of Novell 5 (business suite) and five workstations. The server remained Novell but the desktop PCs were upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows 2000. The owner only wanted a laptop and one workstation upgraded to XP Pro. When completed, the XP units, when mapping and executing an application program out of FoxPro, displayed "Could not find APPL.EXE." The Windows 2000 units map and execute OK. The vender said the program should work with XP also. I even tried going directly to the server drive store application and to its install execution and got the same results. Any suggestions?
Are you running the mapped application in emulation mode? You may want to do that in XP to completely eliminate the possibility of any compatibility problems. Edit the Properties for the shortcut to the app, select the Compatibility tab and set it to Windows 2000. Note that you might need to run the FoxPro app from a batch file with some additional environment settings in the batch file to make sure the mapping takes place OK.

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