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XP machine logs off the network after 15 minutes of idle time

I am having problems with keeping a connection from Windows XP to my Windows 2000 domain controller (in mixed mode and shared resources on the file server).

After successful logon to the domain/network, as long as I keep working with local documents or network resources, I'm fine. But when I leave the XP client idle for a period of about 15 minutes without any activity, it's automatically logged off the domain and file server -- even if it's in safe mode with the network. With the same user account logon to the domain from another client PC (Win9x/NT/Win2k Pro), it works fine. Are there any XP Pro/Win2k server configurations that I'm not aware of to disable this default feature or workaround?
I can't give you a definite answer; all I can do is give you a few thoughts that might point you in the right direction. First, tinker with your computer's power management settings in BIOS and in Control Panel. Does your NIC go to sleep, thus disconnecting you from the network? Second, make sure you're not running any utilities that log you off of the network after a period of inactivity. Check your login scripts for these utilities.

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