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XP mapped drive won't reconnect to NT server at logon

We have two servers -- one running NT 4.0 and one running Windows 2000 Small Business Server. On the Windows XP machines, the mapped drive to the NT server will not always reconnect at logon. Can you help?
I've never been able to find a satisfactory answer to this question. I think the issue lies in how NT and 2000 communicate when a client logs on. I would make sure the NT system is current on service packs and hotfixes. You may also want to alter the group policy object to change how logon scripts are processed. You may even want to write a batch file to map the drives and place it in the run at the logon section of the client's registry. As a last resort, add the batch file to the desktop so users can re-run the mapping script if they are unable to connect when needed.

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