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XP network losing access to network drives from workstations

I have an XP network and am intermittently losing access to my network drives from my workstations. If I wait long enough eventually they will come back. This started at remote locations first and is now also happening at my main location. I verified it wasn't a license issue. Do you have any thoughts?
This could be a network connectivity issue, or possibly one of name resolution. When troubleshooting, it's best to start at one end of the connection and work your way systematically to the other. Can you ping Can you ping 'localhost'? If these are failing, then there's an issue with your TCP/IP configuration. Can you ping the servers that house your network drives by IP address? By DNS name? If you can't even reach an IP address, it means that you're having connectivity issues. Use tracert or pathping to determine where the connection is being lost. If you can ping an IP address but not the machine name, check your DNS or WINS settings, especially if you have any static entries in your WINS database.

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