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XP vs. Win2k in a NetWare environment

In response to a question a reader posed, Would you recommend using XP or Win2k Pro in a NetWare network?, you said that XP would be your recommendation over Win2k. I have to differ. In a purely Microsoft environment, XP may be the clear winner, but it's a dog in a NetWare environment. I switched to XP a while ago out of curiosity, and would love to go back to Win2k. Alas, I can't because I have a USB 2.0 DVD burner that needs WinXP SP1 to work properly. It seems that MS has intentionally hindered XP from working well in a NetWare shop, presumably to show how "fast" Active Directory is. Just my two cents.
I stand behind my comments, particularly about the stability and reliability of Windows XP.

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