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Exchange Server setup and troubleshooting

  • Migration to Exchange 2000

    I will soon be migrating my users to a new Exchange 2000/ Win2k server. We are currently using Exchange 5.5 running on w2K server. Is there any online document detailing the step-by-step process of moving from one server to another and importing all...  Continue Reading

  • Reverse DNS attacks and tarpitting

    I have an email server that has been running flawlessly for two years. Recently, I have been seeing an increase in the number of messages seemingly "stuck" in the SMTP queues... They seem to be replies from to spam sent to ...  Continue Reading

  • Mailbox store organization

    I inherited an Exchange 2003 Enterprise server that was configured with a single Information Store and a single Mailbox Store which is currently at 200 GB and growing. Included in this Information Store is a Public Folder store as well. These all ...  Continue Reading

  • Error in Schedule+ Free Busy folder

    I'm using Exchange 2000 SP3. I have been trying to view properties of Schedule+ Free Busy public folder on one of our satellite sites but get error 80040e19. It is set up as a replication partner from the main public folder store. Is it simply a ...  Continue Reading

  • Cleaning up Exchange

    I need to clean up a Windows 2003 Exchange database, it is growing too large. What command should I use?  Continue Reading

  • Migrating Exchange 2003 to new servers

    What is the best way (minimal downtime) to move Exchange 2003 to new hardware when the current Exchange box is not a DC, but is the first and only exchange box in the domain. the new Exchange server will be a second DC. The previous server will be ...  Continue Reading