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Ask the Experts

  • Masking an email's source IP address

    Exchange Server security expert Richard Luckett discusses the most commonly used method by spammers to mask their source IP address.  Continue Reading

  • Exchange server 2003 and Web access problem

    I have installed Exchange 2003 in a new domain ( which, prior to this, was hosted elsewhere. Until now my Exchange has run perfectly on the same domain name, despite being hosted elsewhere. Exchange and Outlook are running smoothly, and when I...  Continue Reading

  • Sending rights and member lists

    I have several distribution groups created on Exchange 2003 SP2. Whenever I have to give sending rights to a user, I have go one by one and add it. Is there any method to do it in one step? I would also like to know of any other process to get the ...  Continue Reading

  • Splitting networks with Exchange 2003

    I've been tasked with splitting off a small company's network from their parent company's network. Everything seemed to be going fine, until I tried to do a test of moving an Exchange 2003 user's .PST file from the old domain into the new one. The ...  Continue Reading

  • Migration to Exchange 2000

    I will soon be migrating my users to a new Exchange 2000/ Win2k server. We are currently using Exchange 5.5 running on w2K server. Is there any online document detailing the step-by-step process of moving from one server to another and importing all...  Continue Reading

  • Reverse DNS attacks and tarpitting

    I have an email server that has been running flawlessly for two years. Recently, I have been seeing an increase in the number of messages seemingly "stuck" in the SMTP queues... They seem to be replies from to spam sent to ...  Continue Reading