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A quick pitch for — have you heard of it? was announced at the Microsoft Exchange Conference back in September. Michael Atalla, director of product management for Exchange Server and Exchange Online, described it as a Web portal that gives Exchange Server pros a place to discuss ideas, view presentations, expert tips and much more.

However, back in late November, I noticed that a Twitter follower and I shared a similar curiosity:

In a quick conversation via Twitter, Greg mentioned that he felt his own expectations were too high. I offered that I wasn’t sure how many in the Exchange community actually know that the site exists. Sure, it was a big announcement at MEC, but what about all the people who weren’t able to attend? Do they know that this resource is available to them?

Now, I have no way of knowing if the IamMEC site is successful, or how many people are using it, but I’d like to use this blog as an opportunity to urge you to check it out.   

  • To start, the IamMEC homepage is a hub that helps you navigate to what you’d like to read about on the site. There is also a Twitter feed that lists all tweets that include the #iammec hashtag.
  • If you click the MEC content button in the middle of the page, you can access presentations and materials from September’s MEC2012.
  • If you click the News button in the main nav bar, you’re brought to a page highlights various Exchange team posts.  
  • Clicking the Learn button, you’re brought to a page that includes links to the Geek out with Perry YouTube page, helpful Exchange certification links and more.
  • There’s also the Tech Hub page which includes links to downloads, scripts, the TechNet library and more.

 As you can see, there’s plenty of information available. This site was made for you, the Exchange community, so definitely bookmark it and make sure you get the most out of it.

Happy New Year,


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Except for MEC vids, the site is pretty much useless as it only contains a fancy menu around several links and aggregated feeds.