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August in review: the top Exchange news and content

In this new feature, we’ll highlight the most popular content with our readers from the previous month and share it with you.

Exchange update pulled, leaves testing processes in limbo

When Microsoft backtracked on a critical update, it said the update wasn’t tested in its dogfood environment before being released. One Exchange MVP called the move “the latest in a long line of cock-ups” and left others questioning how practical the company’s plans for quarterly Exchange updates were in light of this incident.

Exchange 2013: does it work as a MDM platform?

Exchange was meant to be a communications platform, but admins still wonder if Exchange 2013 has the features to make it a viable mobile device management platform. There are some limitations, but there are ways to decide if it’s the right option for your enterprise.

Deciding if a hybrid Exchange Server is right for your organization

By looking at the pros and cons of a hybrid deployment as well as the common myths associated with hosted email, organizations should be able to make a solid business case about whether the move to a hybrid Exchange Server is right for them.

Checklist for hybrid Exchange deployment and configuration

If you think of the move to a hybrid Exchange deployment as a transition rather than a migration, it uses the skills you already have. This list covers many problems that come up in the process and can help your organization avoid common pitfalls during the move.

Making the case for Outlook 2013 search folders

For people who receive large amounts of email, implementing search folders in Outlook 2013 can help them become more efficient in their work. These folders offer a filtered look at a user’s messages and can help automatically organize large email quantities.

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