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IT pros OK with Exchange 2013 CU1 delay

IT pros are going to have to wait a little longer — two days actually — before they can begin migrating to Exchange 2013. And many are fine with waiting, as long as all the kinks are actually ironed out.

In a proactive announcement earlier this week, the Exchange team announced that the cumulative update for Exchange 2013, previously promised by the end of Q1, would be pushed back two days.

In February, the Exchange team announced a new way to service Exchange Server. It would roll out cumulative updates (CUs) at the end of each quarter. The updates replace past rollup updates, and the schedule was intended to give IT shops a better idea of when updates would become available. The hope was that the predictability would not only help Exchange shops, but the Exchange team and testers as well. It would give them a set amount of time to fix the bugs present in the product.

The first Exchange 2013 CU was to allow for coexistence with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007, helping Exchange shops begin the migration process to Exchange 2013. Now they’ll have to wait just a little bit longer.

“Of course I’m a little disappointed, but I fully support Microsoft’s decision not to release the CU just yet,” said Michael VanHorenbeeck a technology consultant at Systems Integrator Xylos Corp. in Belgium. “It proves to me that Microsoft is making an effort to improve the quality of the product — and its updates — a welcome change after the debacles with previous updates.”

Another member of the Exchange community shared a similar sentiment. “It’s basically just two days late, not really a big deal, and I prefer quality more than just having those bits, said Dave Stork, an IT architect based in the Netherlands. “I would have been more upset when it was delayed for a month or so.”

Another IT pro explained why the release would be delayed. “Waiting a few more days is a small price to pay when we’ll get an update that doesn’t require people on Exchange 2010 SP3 to install yet another update on Exchange 2010 CAS servers, said Michel de Rooij, a unified communications consultant in the Netherlands.

“Looking at the time required by some companies to test, accept and put updates in production, introducing another update for the current production platform would be unwelcome. I applaud this decision,” he added.

Look for Exchange 2013 CU1 on April 2.

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