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July in review: the top Exchange Server content

Our monthly feature rounds up the content that was most popular with readers in the previous month to share with you.

For July, our readers were most interested in the technical side of the IRS email controversy, getting more in-depth information about Office 365 and how the new Microsoft conference may affect Exchange admins.

IT pros use IRS email scandal as case study for Exchange

Organizations should take the current IRS email disappearance as a reminder to review their backup systems and procedures in place to avoid facing a similar situation.

The Office 365 migration guide for admins

Our essential guide covers the three important areas of migrating to Office 365 – research, making decisions and post-migration management.

What to know before an Exchange 2013 migration

It’s time to look for an upgrade if your organization is still running Exchange 2003. Moving from Exchange 2003 or 2013 can include a lot of extra work, but the work may be worth it if 2013 includes the features and capabilities you need.

Use PowerShell to configure Office 365 MFA

This tip includes a step-by-step guide on how admins can configure Office 365’s Multifactor Authentication using Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell.

An Exchange MVP’s doubts on Microsoft’s conference consolidation

After Microsoft’s announcement that it would combine all of its technological conferences into one event called the Microsoft Unified Technology Event, one Exchange MVP expressed his concern about how attendees’ learning experiences would be affected.

What content was most helpful to you last month? Was it something we didn’t include in this list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @ExchangeTT.

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