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Microsoft delivers fix for Exchange 2013 SP1 Hub Transport service

Microsoft delivered a fix for an issue affecting the front-end Hub Transport service in Exchange Server 2013 SP1.

The fix addresses a problem with the Transport service that stops and doesn’t restart after an upgrade to SP1. The issue occurs if the Exchange server has front- and back-end roles and if the front-end Transport service runs on the server.

The receive connector for the HubTransport Transport type with the binding set to port 25 causes the issue, Microsoft said. Only the receive connector for the FrontendTransport type should have the binding set to port 25 if the server has front- and back-end roles, the company added.

The KB details two possible fixes. One fix requires running a command, and the other requires deleting and recreating the receive connector.

We’ll continue to follow this and update if there are any new developments.

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