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October in review: the top Exchange Server content

For our monthly blog feature, we recap our most popular content from the previous month and share it with you.

October was the month of Office 365 on Our readers were interested in learning about some of the particular parts that make up Office 365, including management and migration options.

Message classifications and their role in Office 365

Message classifications, which provide an interface to give users information about their messages, allow Exchange admins to apply business logic. They’re considered to be one of the hidden gems in Office 365.

Options for managing Office 365 user accounts

Before beginning a migration to Office 365, admins will have to decide which way they will establish and manage user accounts. There are three options in the Office 365 management console to pick from, so it’s important to study each option.

Third-party MigrationWiz tool to help with an Office 365 migration

There are lots of questions to answer during mergers and acquisitions, and some of those questions will revolve around Office 365. Native Exchange tools can help with a migration, but a third-party tool may be better for you.

Evaluate how ready you are for an Office 365 migration

Moving from Exchange to Office 365 requires lots of preparation and planning. You can gauge how ready your organization is for the move by answering questions about certain facets of the migration, such as Active Directory and your domain name.

Figure out why your connection is on the fritz

If your Exchange 2010 server keeps disconnecting to Outlook and the network isn’t the cause, you have a few options for determining the cause and coming up with a fix.

What Exchange content was most helpful to you last month? Was it something we didn’t include in our list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @ExchangeTT.

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I know a lot of companies out there are still using Office 2010 and some even earlier. There main reason for not moving forward is the cost. Until they are forced to upgrade I feel they will stay put. There is also a lot of upfront work needed and with a lot of companies being short-staffed, the may just not have the manpower to pursue the upgrade.
That's a really excellent point. The manpower and preparation required for an Office 365 migration can be overwhelming for a lot of organizations. What would you recommend to those organizations interested in Office 365 if they don't have the means of migrating right now? 
I'd say they need to weigh the benefits of the upgrade vs. keeping with the current version(s). I know a lot of people are resisting change and may not be open to learning a new application. If their daily work activities require them to deal with people outside the corporation, are these customers going to be able to use the new features or do we still have to send them documents in older file formats so they can read them. Honestly we still have a few people we communicate with that require Word and Excel 97 file formats.