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Profiling the best Exchange Server professionals (January 2013) – Frank Carius

I’m very happy to announce the third winner of our monthly “Profiling the best Exchange Server professionals” program, and the first recipient of 2013 – Frank Carius!

Frank was described by the person who nominated him as “legendary.” If you take a look at Frank’s credentials, you’ll understand why.

Frank was named a Microsoft Exchange MVP every year from 1999 through 2011 and was recently named a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in Lync. Frank also runs a terrific Exchange FAQ site. While it may be in German, it’s easily translated via Google Translate. A quick look and you’ll see that he’s a prolific poster, with entries almost daily on Exchange, ActiveSync, Lync and much more.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Frank to congratulate him on his award and ask him a few questions:

  • Can you give a brief description of how you began working with Exchange Server and related technologies?

I started working with “email” with FIDO-net and NetWare-MHS and MSMail 2.x. My first migrations were MHS or MSMail to Exchange. My company’s messaging system began with Exchange 4.0 on Win NT 3.51 and we have since upgraded to every version since. Also, we will be on Exchange 2013 very soon.

Around 2004, I became increasingly frustrated with the notion of spam. I was not interested in the idea of using quarantine, so I started building an alternate solution using “reject” as a core concept.

  • What’s your favorite part of working with Exchange Server and technologies?

Microsoft has done a great job of making Exchange both scalable and highly available. I also like the fact that manageability has been enhanced with PowerShell and the Exchange Control Panel.

Many companies are also looking at migrations now. I’m really interested in the idea of migrations, mergers, acquisitions, splits.

  • What are you excited to work on this year and why?

I’ve seen many companies like Facebook, Ebay and Paypal sending “unsigned” mails. SMIME is really cheap and nearly every client can validate the certificates by default. I don’t understand why more companies don’t protect their brand by signing email. Companies and people must understand that messaging must be extremely secure. My company has introduced a product called enQsig to secure SMTP on a per-recipient level.

I’m also quite excited with all the growing interest in Lync as well.

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