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Profiling the best Exchange Server professionals (November 2012) – Michael Van Horenbeeck

We recently began our “Profiling the best Exchange Server professionals” program on If you’re not familiar with the program, let me break it down for you. Each month we take nominations from readers, contacts and contributors. After reviewing credentials, we select a deserving member from the Exchange Server community.

This month’s winner is Michael Van Horebeeck.

Michael works as a technology consultant with Xylos, an information and communication technology services provider and Microsoft partner in Belgium. Michael is a great choice for our first ever Exchange pro of the month due to his terrific contributions in the Exchange community.

Michael routinely takes time out of his schedule to contribute to the site, as well as the UC Architects podcasts. If you aren’t familiar with either, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Michael was kind enough to answer a few questions as to how he came to work with Exchange, his favorite aspects of the technology and more. You can also follow Michael on Twitter @mvanhorenbeeck.

Do you know someone who is deserving of our Exchange Server pro of the month award (it might be you)? Don’t be shy — send us an email.

 1. Can you give a brief description of how you began working with Exchange Server and related technologies?

I actually was “thrown” into Exchange many years ago when a client was forced to move to Exchange 2003 from Exchange 5.5 during an infrastructure upgrade. At that time, I knew close to nothing about either and was forced to learn about them the hard way (memories)!

I guess that experience somehow made Exchange really stick in my mind as I’ve been primarily working with it ever since.

 2. What’s your favorite part of working with Exchange Server and technologies?

Without a doubt, it is the progress that’s made in every release. It’s interesting to see how Exchange has re-invented itself a few times over the years.

Like many others, I’m really into the Exchange architecture part. So, I guess that the client access server role is probably my favorite part, along with PowerShell.

 3. What are you excited to work on in 2013 and why?

I’m excited to finally put Exchange 2013 into production! It’s a pity we have to wait until [Exchange 2010] SP3 to become available before we can do anything though. We don’t see that many green field installs nowadays, unless if you’re moving from another platform like Notes.

I also hope to find some more time to write articles. I’ve been so busy at work lately, so I haven’t been able to write as much as I’ve wanted to.

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