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1 critical IE update, 3 important updates in September Patch Tuesday

Windows Server admins can expect September to be a light month of Patch Tuesday security updates.

In its advance security notification, Microsoft outlined four security bulletins to be released next week. There is only one critical bulletin, and the other three are important.

The month’s lone critical bulletin addresses a remote code execution vulnerability. Multiple versions of Windows and Internet Explorer will be affected.

The three important bulletins address denial of service and elevation of privilege vulnerabilities. Multiple versions of Windows Server and Microsoft Lync will be affected.

There are noticeably fewer security updates this month than compared to August. Microsoft released nine bulletins in the last Patch Tuesday cycle, including a critical patch for multiple versions of IE. Microsoft also gave all supported IE versions a whitelisting functionality.

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Great article but it "stopped too early."

I strongly agree with this paragraph

"The scientific method is based on observation and experimentation. Testing is the same thing. We set up tests that are very much like experiments, and then we run them and observe what happens. That's the same way scientists test their hypotheses. We run experiments, measure the results and analyze the data to figure out what's really happening."

Because tests are like experiments and they contain many variables in them, software testers should be using what scientists in many industries have been doing for decades... namely use smart test design methods that allow them to learn as much actionable information in as possible in each test they run. There is a scientific approach to doing just that. It is called "Design of Experiments." Far too few software testers know anything about it. As a result, the tests they construct are highly repetitive of one another and they miss many important gaps in coverage. Searching Wikipedia for "Design of Experiments" pulls up useful info.

Pairwise testing and combinatorial testing software test design methods have been proven to lead to dramatic improvements to thoroughness and efficiency. Examples can be found by Googling "pairwise testing really work" for example.

In short, my point can be summarized as: if software testers agree with using the scientific method, they should apply the scientific method intelligently by using Design of Experiments approaches.

- Justin Hunter
Founder of Hexawise (a tool that helps testers generate DoE-based sets of tests that enable them to learn as much actionable information as possible in each test)
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