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A photo tour of TechEd 2012

There’s a lot to take in at Microsoft’s annual technical learning event, and you can’t describe it all in words. Here are some of the memorable visual stimuli that we saw during our visit to Orlando. See something else? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter (@WindowsTT).

A hotel key featuring an ad for Office 365 at Microsoft TechEd 2012

If you stay at a conference hotel, you've got to be ready for conference ads everywhere - including on the room key.

The 20th birthday cake on display at Microsoft TechEd 2012

Did you know 2012 is the 20th anniversary of the first-ever TechEd? IT pros were reminded at pretty much every turn (though that did mean everyone got a slice of cake at lunch.)

A Windows 95 hat, seen at Microsoft TechEd 2012

Windows Web Services corporate vice president Antoine Leblond said that Windows 95 represents "the last big generational change" in Windows prior to Windows 8. If there's a hipster uniform must-have at TechEd, this is it.

Windows 98 bumper sticker, seen at Microsoft TechEd 2012

Don't laugh too hard. We could see a similar bumper sticker bearing the words "Windows RT" if the Senate continues to investigate Mozilla's complaints about an Internet Explorer browser monopoly on ARM tablets.

An "I heart Silverlight" t-shirt, seen at Microsoft TechEd 2012

The reports of Silverlight's death may have been greatly exaggerated, but it's telling that this shirt is found in the conference museum, and not on the store shelves.

Kinect-powered Rock'em Sock'em robots at TechEd 2012

Fight! These boxing robots, controlled by attendees via Kinect technology, should've been labeled "Hyper-V" and "VMware."

A Lego recreation at TechEd 2012

We'll bet there was at least one conversation on the floor about how the setup of this Lego data center could be further optimized.

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