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February in review: The top searchWindowsServer news and tips

For our monthly feature, we round up the most popular content from the previous month and share it with you.

In February, our readers were most interested in the latest batch of Patch Tuesday bulletins, getting around Window Server 2012’S GUI, what the language in Azure’s cloud data privacy policy means for customers and answers to common PowerShell questions.

IE, Exchange vulnerabilities highlight near-record Patch Tuesday
In a Patch Tuesday that almost broke the record set in April 2011, 57 patches were issued for vulnerabilities in Windows Server, Internet Explorer and Oracle’s Outside In library. Other critical patches were issued for media codecs in older OSs.

How to work without the GUI in Windows Server 2012
There are good reasons for keeping the Modern UI in Windows Server 2012, but if admins want to skip it, there are options for ways to work around the GUI, including third-party apps that bring back the Start menu and moving as many tools as possible to the desktop.

How to use PowerShell to pass info to remote computers
If admins need to execute something locally and share it with remote computers, PowerShell remoting can ease the process with specific techniques that include parameter blocks and inputting specific variables.

Cloud data ownership explained in Windows Azure privacy policy
If you take a close look at Microsoft’s privacy policy for cloud data in Azure, customers own their data, but the policy still lets Microsoft use their data for things like statistical analysis, troubleshooting to keep the Azure operation running and threat detection/prevention.

Using PowerShell script prompts for input
There are many ways admins can make and run a script prompt for input in PowerShell, but our expert says the best way to do it is to let PowerShell do most of the work and to make some small but effective changes to the coding.

What content from February was most helpful for you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SearchWinServer.

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