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Microsoft continues campaign of openness, adds FreeBSD support to Hyper-V

Microsoft and the word “open” have a long history of being mutually exclusive, but that’s no longer the case.

Earlier this month, the company said it would support open-source operating system FreeBSD in its Windows Server Hyper-V products. According to a post on its Openness blog, Microsoft partnered with NetApp and Citrix to develop high-performance drivers for Hyper-V. It also enlisted the help of Insight Global, Inc., a technical staffing organization, to develop VMBUS drivers for the project.

Of course, this news came as a big plus for FreeBSD users, but the sole comment on the Microsoft Openness blog clamored for other platform support.

“Now, I’m waiting [for Microsoft to give] support to [D]ebian,” the commenter wrote.

The drivers will be released later this year in the vague “summer” window.

Earlier this year, Microsoft appeared for the first time on the top 20 list of Linux contributors, and OpenNebula, an open source project, gained final Hyper-V drivers.

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