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Microsoft drops TechNet subscriptions

Microsoft this week said it would discontinue offering TechNet subscriptions in the coming months.

New subscriptions will no longer be available after Aug. 31, which should give users time to plan for the move. Users who have already purchased subscriptions have until Sept. 30 to activate them.

The company also released an updated FAQ  in conjunction with the news. Microsoft said it decided to shut down the service because it offers free evaluation software and resources. After it discontinues subscription service, the company said it would continue offering free services to users, including Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Microsoft also said users with existing TechNet subscriptions can renew them for one year, but it must be done before the Aug. 31 deadline.  The company will continue offering MSDN, which is a pricier, developer-oriented option for product evaluation.

Ed Bott at ZDNet notes the move may be a response to years of attempts to crack down on piracy.

What do you think of Microsoft’s decision to get rid of TechNet subscriptions? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter @SearchWinServer.

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