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New tool provides Office file compression on the server

I spoke with the folks at Balesio last week about their new file compression tool – FILEminimizer Server. Released earlier this year, the product has seen a lot of action in Europe so far, but is just now starting to pop up in the United States.

Some of you might remember Balesio’s PPTminimizer. This new product (they have both Server and Office editions) is really an expansion of that original tool, as it now incorporates compression of Word, Excel and other Office formats.

I asked a lot of questions about the Server version, and basically it’s an enterprise solution that can be installed directly onto the Windows Server OS. You can also access Linux and other file servers through Windows, if that’s how your environment is set up.

Now the key with this is that it compresses your Office files (up to 98% according to the product website), but the file formats do not change. In other words, if you compress an Excel document, you’ll still have it in that Excel format – it’ll just be taking up less space.

Balesio’s Christoph Schmid told me that on average they see storage savings of around 70% for Windows file servers with FILEminimizer. For example, if you had 1 TB of Office files on your server, you could compress that down to 700 GB.

Again, it’s a new release that hasn’t been widely adopted yet in the U.S, so I didn’t get to talk with any customers, but for those interested in checking it out, there is a free trial available. The licensing starts at $2,000 per server, but there is also a $45 single-user license available for the Office version.

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