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News Roundup: AD turns heads, Exchange hits RTM

Lots going on in the world of Windows this month, as you might expect. Here’s a roundup of some of the top news from this past week:

  1. Forget Live Migration; AD is king in R2
    While most of the attention around Windows Server 2008 R2 has been given to Hyper-V enhancements and brand new features like Direct Access, when it comes right down to it, Active Directory is still No. 1 on the priority list for admins.

    AD and Group Policy ranked at the top of a recent survey asking users which R2 features they were most interested in. In the words of one analyst, “Let’s be realistic about Live Migration. Yes Microsoft needed to do it to compete with VMware, and large shops will likely use it, but the changes to Active Directory make my every day administration easier.”
  2. Sysinternals has a new family member
    Mark Russinovich and company have made available a new utility to add to their already large list of free tools for Windows administrators. Dubbed Disk2vhd, the new tool is designed to convert physical systems to virtual ones without any downtime.
  3. Compatibility issues should be easier to avoid with Windows 7
    Desktop managers weary of the compatibility problems that plagued Vista will be happy to know Windows 7 is set to make a (hopefully) smoother transition. Microsoft has made Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC available with Windows 7 as a means to circumvent issues with software or hardware that hasn’t been given the Windows 7 stamp of approval.
  4. A major Patch Tuesday is on the way this October
    Microsoft is set to patch zero-days affecting Internet Information Services (IIS) and Service Message Block (SMB) this month, along with at least 6 other critical fixes. A total of 13 patches are expected to be release in all on October 13.
  5. Exchange Server 2010 has reached RTM
    The next version on Microsoft Exchange Server is code complete, after a release candidate was out this past August. It is scheduled for general availability as soon as November.

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