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Next version of Windows Server due out in 2016

Microsoft last week disclosed its new roadmap for the next version of Windows Server. With this release, Microsoft will buck the trend of releasing both the server and client versions of the latest software, moving the expected release of Windows Server to 2016. Windows 10 is still on track to be delivered this year.

IT administrators can expect preview versions throughout the rest of 2015, with the next release coming in spring, the company said in a blog post. The next version of System Center Configuration Manager, however, will “ship in a timeframe that aligns with [client] Windows.”

The first Technical Preview is still available from Microsoft’s website for testing. The news came along with developments for Windows 10 in the enterprise. Microsoft is delivering “Long Term Servicing branches,” which will not introduce new features within the operating system, but will keep patches and security fixes up to date. This addresses a common problem with the rollout of Windows 8.1, which is seen as too fast-moving.

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