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November in review: SearchWindowsServer's top content, features and news

In our monthly feature, we round up the most popular content from the previous month and share it with you.

For November, our most popular pieces involved the changes to the Windows Server 2012 interface, high availability with shared-nothing live migration and a two-part series about what Microsoft’s product releases this year mean for its future.

A tour of the Windows Server 2012 user interface

Admins may be hesitant to embrace the changes to the UI in Windows Server 2012, but this photo story walks through them and explains why they aren’t as scary as they seem.

Windows Server 2012: Microsoft offers everything but the kitchen sink  

The first part of this series looks Microsoft’s release of Windows Server 2012, its abundance of features and why some admins are waiting to make the upgrade or completely forego it.

Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft’s ‘Cloud OS’ ambitions

The second part of this series looks at Microsoft’s approach to creating a ‘Cloud OS’ and if its move will encourage its customers to accept the approach.

First patches issued for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012

For November’s Patch Tuesday, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 received their first patches for remote code execution vulnerabilities. Some patches were rereleased for signing errors. See also: our guide to 2012’s Patch Tuesdays.

High availability and shared-nothing live migration

This tip looks at what changes admins should expect with shared-nothing live migration, including some of the tradeoffs they may not anticipate after making the move.

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