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October in review: the top Windows Server content

In this monthly feature, we round up the most popular content on from the previous month and share it with you.

Readers kept up with the latest Windows Server news in October and read about developments coming up for Windows Server and Azure while recapping Patch Tuesday security updates.

What’s new in the latest Windows Server preview?

Although it doesn’t yet have an official name, admins have the chance to take a peek at the upcoming version of Windows Server. This version has an anticipated release date for late 2015 and has plans to boost some features while deprecating others.

Zero-day vulnerabilities receive fixes in October Patch Tuesday

The latest batch of Patch Tuesday security updates including critical fixes for three zero-day vulnerabilities and five important fixes. One of the important fixes addressed a vulnerability attributed to an alleged Russian cyber espionage campaign.

Microsoft tries cloud in the box with Azure and Dell

Azure continues to be in the spotlight as Microsoft continues to attempt to sweeten the deal for enterprises make the move to the cloud. This time, the company is including new additions to deliver Windows Server, Azure and System Center on Dell servers.

Microsoft pushing Windows, Linux closer together

Docker container apps will receive support from the upcoming version of Windows Server. The move has led some analysts to say that developers now have more influence than ever on the development priorities for companies such as Microsoft.

What comes after Windows Server 2003?

Windows Server 2003 will reach its end-of-life stage in July 2015, leaving the estimated 12 million organizations with a number of complications and complexities to be addressed.

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