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October in review: the top Windows Server news and features

In our monthly feature, we highlight the most popular with our Windows Server followers from the previous month.

For October, admins kept busy by catching up on things like Microsoft’s cloud plans, the company’s new schedule for upgrades and Windows Server features trying to impact the tablet game.

Was there a story that helped you or your organization last month? Was it something we didn’t include in the list? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SearchWinServer.

Will the new rapid release cadence from Microsoft work?
With Microsoft’s recent pledge to deliver OS upgrades on a more frequent schedule, enterprises are wondering how the new schedule will affect them. Our expert says the new schedule is a mixed bag and that organizations need to look at the pros and cons.

Microsoft offers up cloud plans as it faces competitors
As it continues to face stiff competition in the cloud from Amazon, Microsoft’s next move is offering Azure discounts to customers entering enterprise agreements. The lower cost is a draw, but some believe another price raise could happen after shops make the commitment.

Will Windows Server 2012 R2 features be a tablet game-changer?
Microsoft has received a lot of criticism for its Surface tablets and it hopes to strike back at its critics with new features for mobile workers in Windows Server 2012 R2. But even with these new features, there are still doubts they’ll get a leg up over iOS or Android devices.

Windows Azure could make or break Microsoft’s cloud future
Shops have been slow to take up Azure, which could mean trouble for the company that’s bet on the platform for their ultimate success in the cloud. Recent Azure outages have been a major concern, and some question Microsoft’s reluctance to offer up concrete finance numbers.

Patch Tuesday updates bring eight security bulletins, IE fixes
As admins marked the tenth anniversary of Patch Tuesday, the latest updates included fixes for critical remote code execution vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, .NET Framework and OpenType font. Other fixes were included for important vulnerabilities in Office, Silverlight and SharePoint Server.

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