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October in review: top news, reviews and tips

In this monthly feature, we round up the most popular content of the previous month and share it with you.

For October, our most popular pieces involved this year’s best ways to manage Windows Server, features in Windows Server 2012 and a busy Patch Tuesday.

Here are last month’s most popular stories on

October’s Patch Tuesday: vulnerabilities in Word and Kerberos, rereleases

Last month’s Patch Tuesday was a busy one with seven bulletins and cumulative updates for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. Although there was only one critical patch, vulnerabilities in Kerberos and Word caused concern. A certificate authentication error meant patches from August had to be rereleased.

Our five best tips for managing Windows Server

We put together this year’s five most popular tips for Windows Server management. Features in PowerShell, ReFS, IIS 8 and Remote Desktop Gateway are highlighted.

Clustering improvements in Windows Server 2012 ease administration

Up until Windows Server 2012, clustering had specific limitations and dependencies. In the latest version of Windows Server, these changes offer admins more flexibility and include read-only domain controller support, a lack of complicated scripts and no more Active Directory dependency to boot.

Windows Server 2012 and scale-out file servers

Continuous availability is the name of the game with Windows Server 2012. This tip tells admins the best way to set up scale-out file servers and make zero downtime a reality.

Make sure hardware is compatible when upgrading to Windows Server 2012

Before making the jump to Windows Server 2012, it’s important for admins to ensure hardware will still be compatible after the upgrade. Our expert offers admins some suggestions about what to look for.

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