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Opalis acquisition could mean big things for System Center

The news today is that Microsoft has finalized a new acquisition – Opalis Software, which experts are calling yet another example of the company’s commitment to the cloud and virtualization projects going forward.

My colleague Bridget Botelho wrote a piece on the move, but here are the bullet points as to what this acquisition means for the enterprise:

  • Opalis is a process automation provider, and Microsoft is planning to align these new products with its System Center suite. Brad Anderson, Microsoft general manager of its Management and Solutions Division, said in a company blog post that he feels “Opalis’ software together with the System Center suite will improve the efficiency of IT staff and operations, and customers will gain greater process consistency.”
  • It’s Microsoft’s hope that the Opalis products will make System Center more attractive to cloud and hosting service providers. One consultant put it this way: “Opalis focuses on workflow orchestration and automation, which are two of the core primary enabling mechanisms for cloud computing and large virtualization deployments.”
  • The products should also help System Center tools integrate better with third-party products.
  • It sounds like more than anything else, the new software will offer a boost to Microsoft’s (long, long LONG-developed) Service Manager, perhaps filling in some of the areas where Microsoft has struggled in the past.
  • While the System Center products already have automation capabilities, Opalis is a leader in the field, so this move should help further solidify System Center in the eyes of customers.
  • The transition should be pretty seamless, as Opalis products already integrate with Microsoft’s System Center tools.

Anderson included a short video with his post where he provides some more insight into the acquisition. The bottom line though seems to be that Microsoft has recognized the importance of automation in larger enterprises and data centers, and by acquiring a market leader in that area, it can keep that technology in-house.

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That is certainly a good marketing move and wise decision by Microsoft. Having a leader in automation will keep Microsoft’s competitive edge. The time is just right as well in this day and age and with the affirmation and branding of Opalis products.