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OpenNebula 3.2 gains final Hyper-V drivers

OpenNebula, an open-source data center virtualization project, delivered Microsoft Hyper-V drivers for its platform last week.

The drivers, as detailed in an OpenNebula blog post, enable support and management of an OpenNebula cloud via Microsoft’s hypervisor, bringing it up to speed with third-party virtualization products already supported on the platform. Then, admins can manage the Hyper-V-based clouds through any number of interfaces, including OpenNebula’s CLI, OpenNebula’s Web interface or other cloud services like Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure.

According to the release notes, VLAN tagging, which is used when VLANs are operationalized across multiple switches, is not yet supported

OpenNebula first released a prototype of Hyper-V support in late October and version 3.2 is the first build considered to be a stable release.

It comes after Microsoft said late last year the company would support Hyper-V clouds being built using the OpenNebula framework. And, Microsoft says it’s committed to openness and supporting open source projects like OpenNebula. The company also supports a similar platform, OpenStack.

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