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REMINDER – The end of Windows 2000 Server approaches

Microsoft issued a reminder last week of the upcoming end-of-support deadline for Windows 2000 Server. The operating system is currently in its extended support lifecycle, but that all ends on July 13.

It’s actually a popular date for support changes. Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2 will both end their mainstream support tour and enter the extended phase that same day, and support for Windows XP SP2 will be done.

Support for XP SP3 is expected to last into 2014 (which as The H pointed out, means XP support should outlast that of Windows Vista).

Anyway, the Microsoft blog post reminding customers of the end-date for Windows 2000 support is really less about Windows 2000’s lifecycle than it is about upgrading to Windows Server 2008 R2. And remember, it’s not like you can’t run Windows 2000 Server after that date; it just means you’ll pretty much be on your own with it. Still, July 13 is fast approaching, so it’s definitely worth circling on your calendars.

Finally, if any of this “mainstream” and “extended” support talk has left you scratching your head, Microsoft provides this table that should help clear things up.

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